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New York Knicks Tickets are desirable among New Yorkers no matter what the team’s record. The franchise has been struggling for years but it appears that the Knicks could be ready to turn things around. Knicks owner James Dolan fired GM and head coach Isiah Thomas and hired Donnie Walsh as team president, who in turn hired former Phoenix Suns head coach Mike D’Antoni. The new regime marks a fresh start for the team from a management standpoint, but the payroll is still way over the salary cap and the roster is severely lacking in team chemistry.

Thomas was notorious for taking chances on talented guys who had character issues, a tendency that really hurt the team. Thomas’ acquisitions of Stephon Marbury, Eddy Curry, Zach Randolph, Jared Jeffries and Jerome James are all considered to be major mistakes. Each of those players has disappointed production-wise when considering their contract and it will take a lot of work to fix the team financially.

Step one is unloading Stephon Marbury. His unpopularity among his teammates is well-documented and I just wouldn’t want him around the clubhouse. Each year we hear about how he’s working hard in the offseason and this is going to be his comeback year, but he disappoints every season with with lackluster, selfish play. He’s scheduled to make more than $20 million this season in the last year of his contract. If they can’t unload him in a trade to a team looking for an expiring deal, I think a buyout is in order. Curry and Randolph both seem to lack motivation and are never in the best of shape. If the Knicks can land expiring deals for either player, they should jump at the chance. Neither guy appears to fit D’Antoni’s offense. Jeffries and James both received mid-level exceptions from Thomas and neither has produced much.

The bright spots for the Knicks are Jamal Crawford, David Lee, Nate Robinson and Danilo Gallinari. Crawford is the best player on the team and probably the only guy who sells New York Knicks tickets. He should thrive in D’Antoni’s up-tempo system, as should Robinson. Lee is a high energy guy who deserves a starting spot, but probably won’t get one unless Randolph is moved. Gallinari is a wildcard, but he’s D’Antoni’s guy and should fit the system. Wilson Chandler, last year’s first rounder, is still an unknown at this point.

Walsh has expressed the desire to clear cap space for 2010 when LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will hit the market if they choose to opt out of their current deals. While you can’t base your entire roster strategy on signing a future free agent, clearing cap space cannot be a bad idea for the Knicks. With the highest payroll in the league, they should be much better than they’ve played.

The team signed Chris Duhon this offseason to be their point guard, which signals that Marbury’s time is likely out. Neither Walsh nor D’Antoni have any ties to any players on the roster aside from Gallinari, and will not hesitate to clean house. The Knicks need to focus on working hard and developing team chemistry, while cutting payroll and avoiding any big contracts that aren’t expiring deals. I have faith that New York Knicks tickets will return to being a prominent item among sports fans.

Every New Yorker had their fingers crossed last night as Lebron James made his final decision on where he will go for the next few years. As he made the announcement to go play for the Miami Heat, it struck a dagger in every Knicks fans.

This decision by Lebron is a pure disaster for the Knicks. The Knicks player of the future is Danilo Gallinari. Well, they do have Amare now but the odds of his knees holding up are pretty slim. I can see the Knicks spending on Amare who will end up being like a Marbury situation.

As a Knicks fan, it’s been rough over the past several years. Expect it to remain this way for another 5 years. The good news is that if you don’t get to catch the Knicks very often, you’ll be able to get tickets extremely cheap until they can make some sort of noise.

So what do Knicks fans have to look forward? Well, besides for Amare eating up the cap space there are a few other things. We can look forward to the Heat coming to town and watching pure humiliation. I’d expect the Heat to beat the Knicks by about 40 points!

There’s also Nate Robinson returning to town. He’ll be back for his 2nd homecoming game and will light up the Garden. I’m sure Marbury will also have some wise words to share, which are always exciting. He should abuse the Knicks for putting the future of the team in this situation!

This Knicks era is going to be very bad. It’s going to be worse than the Travis Knight days. I can’t believe I just said it, but it’s the truth. I guess Sir Barkley was right when he said the Knicks would be cursed forever when they decided to trade Patrick Ewing for Glen Rice and Luc Longley.

The Knicks organization must know how bad things are looking. I’d have to imagine they still try to work some deals, via sign-and-trade. Some notable players they can reach for are TMac, Eddie House and Al Harrington. The problem with any of these guys is that they’re on their way down.

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